Watford Dome project

Over the years many of the best Football clubs in World Football have opted for an air dome pitch at their training ground.  This solution is great for all weather training as the conditions inside the dome remain the same and are controlled 24/7. Air Domes are an ideal low-cost alternative to traditional building structures and projects can be completed in much shorter time frames.


Double Skin PVC Air Domes are the industry leading air dome and are robust enough to endure storm force winds. We chose to work with Covair who work with DUOL, the global leader in air supported structures, to make this innovative product available to our customers.

The main membrane is manufactured from two layers of fire-retardant polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides and welded together in vertical panels. The air between the two membranes creates an insulation barrier that improves heating and cooling efficiencies. A variety of designs are possible with reduced or even no thermal bridging between the membranes

As with any dome, a Double Skin PVC Dome is supported solely by a continuous running fan creating an internal over-pressure and has no additional supporting structure. Entrance is via a revolving door to prevent air loss and maintain the slight over pressure inside. Emergency, pedestrian or tunnel doors can also be installed if required.

This was the first time our team had erected an air dome and it came with many challenges, but we worked efficiently and coherently to make sure the installation was successful.

The air dome looks as impressive on the outside as it does on the inside. It’s visually stunning and continues to have that wow factor every time you enter.  Players and coaches are treated to a controlled environment with a unique atmosphere.


Here are some photos of the before and after.